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Wikipodia is a collaborative effort of transcribing podcasts and making them available to everyone for free.

If you are looking for a particular podcast transcription, please fill this form.

If you are passionate about podcasts and are interested in collaborating with us in this effort, pease reach out:

Why transcribe podcasts

Podcasts contain a wealth of information. They can introduce you to new ideas, bring about cultural awareness, and can foster personal growth. They offer a fast track to making you smarter, more interesting, improve your wit and imagination, and help you develop important life skills; all this while providing tremendous entertainment value. They often contain information that is not available in any other medium such as books, blogs, news, or documentaries. In short, podcasts are awesome. However there is one drawback: they are in audio format only, which means:

  • They are not indexed by search engines. This is the single most limiting factor to discovering some great content.
  • You spend more time consuming it. The audio format has some important benefits, however most people can read the same content much faster.
  • People with hearing disabilities cannot use podcasts.
  • It's harder to capture interesting content for future reference.
  • Some material, such as step by step instructions, are easier to use when they are read. Imagine trying to cook a recipe via podcast, for example. Same with learning a new language.
  • A lot of people prefer reading along while they are listening.

Podcast transcripts solve these problems.

Podcast transcription is a long and tedious process. An hour worth of content can take three to four hours to transcribe. It requires patience and dedication, but once a podcast is transcribed it has the potential to benefit a large number of people. Transcription services, even if outsourced, are expensive. Speech-to-text software are cheaper alternatives, but are not accurate, and often only work for single-speaker podcasts. As the number of podcasts continue to grow, crowd-sourcing is the only way to scale the transcription effort.

Podcast transcription tips

  • Slow down the audio to match your typing speed
  • Use Google's cloud speech API to transcribe the podcast (costs approximately $1.44 for an hour worth of content) and make a second pass to correct mistakes.
  • Skip content that's not directly related to the podcast (such as advertisements, trivia, etc).
  • Skip filler words (e.g. um, uh, er) and repetitions.